Our Broncos

Looking for a new 66-77 Bronco body? Look no further than HotRods By Havliks. With our three documented original Bronco dimensions, obtained by laser measuring, our panel alignment and door gaps are spot on. A solid foundation is important, which is why our Broncos are fixture built. Our shipping cart and inner structure keep the body intact during shipping. The cart is equipped with casters for easily moving and loading, allowing for secure shipping anywhere. We offer a range of options, Tub, Skeleton, and Complete. Each available with a roof. At HotRods By Havliks, our commitment to quality and customer service is unmatched. Click below to look over your options and get a quote today!

Painting, Underside Spraying, and Seam Sealing available!

We can and will paint, seam seal, or seal the underside of your Bronco body per your request. Keep in mind the additional time it will take to do these tasks, your Bronco will take an extended period of time to reach you, depending on other projects we have at the time. Estimated additional time will be discussed prior to ordering. We already do custom body work and paint jobs, so these jobs are just another day for us!